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"Really, the only thing that makes sense is to strive for greater collective enlightenment"  Elon Musk

My name is Alex Gorbunov and just only 10 years ago I could not imagine my nowadays life and reality. Life changes breathtaking, so quickly and rapid that I feel like the future from fantastic novels have already arrived.


Coming future

I have graduated from Railway State University as mechanical engineer to organize the railway carriages repair operations in wagon depot. In my country (and I believe in many other countries) they needed lots of engenders, mechanics, architects and other specialists, to fulfill the infinitely growing enormous heavy industry with specialist and workers.



But by the XX Century it appeared, the countries do not need so many old school specialist, that industry takes lower and lower part of national economics, and not goods, but services become more and more important. No more thousands of welders, blacksmiths and millers. Automation and robotics replace million worker workplaces.

We are so lucky to live in the epoch of changing (although Chinese proverbs says otherwise J )! We passed industrial epoch and hardly noticed how we breakthrough in Informational epoch!

Now national economy of the world countries starves for programmers, coders, compilers, copyrighters and typical personal computer operators. Internet user number grows with geometrical progression:

On the picture below we can see the world population, and internet users, with internet penetration to Earth inhabitants – more and more people use internet in their daily life:


I may assume this tendency will go further and we’ll need more and more people, capable work in internet and provide digital products and digital services. In this informational Era, everybody get path to any information of the world and people have almost ultimate freedom, they ever had before.

This world provides unique opportunities for those, who have proper skills and knowledge!


This fundamental truth is the cake of this world and now let’s gets to the cherry from this cake!

Companies do not need to rent the office in the paralyzed with traffic jam city’s downtown. Employees may work remotely from their home, other state or other country.

Actually, many digital companies already find this way and pretty happy about it. They can hire people from any point of our world and anyone can work for such company or for himself from any place of the Earth even from your shelter island!


That is fantastic! Terrific! Mind blowing!

Have you ever thought, how you life could be, if you could work as much, as you wish and have enough money to cover daily expenses?

What would you do on the daily basis?

Devote yourself for a hobby or volunteer camp?

May be travelling around our small Earth and even beyond? Folks, there is nothing about drugs; I mean our technological development goes giant steps and we all can become space tourists for a reasonable money.

Anyway, everything’s is possible in this world and internet technologies may help you a lot!

The skills and knowledge for the new informational Era may be obtained as quickly, as fast you can soak the new information! Yeah, I mean online courses!

Instructors share their own experience and ideas to help you get the same results and achievements. That is why I started this internet site with blog – to help other people educate themselves to grade up their new Era alacrity!

The great things about online courses from Udemy is that you can learn at any place you wish, at anytime you wish, using the most comfortable device – PC, Laptop or Tablet or even Smartphone.

I picked several courses that help out to build up strong skills potentially bringing money from on-line work.

That is financial section: 

Were you can deep in and develop trading skills – either Stock or Futures Option trading and Forex trading, if needed. After some paper trading period you will be able to trade those markets by yourself!

The mobile development section: 

After completing those courses a newbie become paid professional, who develops their own mobile programs or for the software companies.

 Home business section: 

This section helps people out to obtain passive and semi-passive online income:  how to organize online drop shipping store simply connecting online buyer and wholesaler, without renting a space for the shop and keeping warehouse! Or may be publish your e-book on Amazon and have income from book sales! Or just pile your own knowledge and experience in any area of human activity into online course and start earning passive income from online courses on Udemy!

Join in; instructors share their own revenue, good enough to give up daily 9-5 job!

And of course, person with freedom in thoughts and deeds need to be highly organized – spend less time to do more, set the life goals and successfully reach them. For such purposes I set:

Self-development section: 

From this day, I’ll add other courses, great enough to share with the rest of humanity J

Stay tuned, check new sections and courses, be better person of you!


Digitally yours

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