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Create your own website and become professional paid web developer on HTML and CSS3 from this course


Course Instructor: Jonas Schmedtmann

Lessons: 76

Video duration: 11,5 hours

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If you want to become web developer and create your personal sites with the help of HTML5 and CSS3, this unique course is your choice! Correct guidance will help to understand all the peculiarities of languages in which websites are written. Everybody can become a perfect web designer!

The author created this very course to give a detailed instruction how to generate a website on your own by means of modern web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. !

The courses to become web developer are very popular today, but only this one can provide you with all the necessary information. It is based on projects. By choosing this very program, you will learn all specific features of making and launching websites together with getting full information of web design direction.

More then 20 years the developer of this course works in the sphere of web design. Join this project and the procedure of optimizing, coding and designing of any web page will be as easy as pie for you! The result of the studying is the complete website that fulfills all the necessary requirements. It will be available from every computer or Smartphone and its design will attract the attention of millions! During the course you can use all author videos, images and graphics without paying extra money!

What knowledge will you get?

Choosing this program to become web developer you will get:

  • the detailed guidance of the web development methods by means of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery;
  • the instructions for creating a great website just in 7 simple steps;
  • recommendations for website creation that make your project the best of the best;
  • the author images and graphic assets, that will make your website unique, free of charge;
  • knowledge how to create a website that looks excellent regardless the screen sizes;
  • the information of using jQuery for creating special effects;
  • guideline how to make a website which satisfies all the SEO and speed parameters;
  • the chance to launch your own project available for the whole world!

After completing these courses to become web developer you will know almost everything in this field. You will easily manage with coding to create a perfect web site from nothing.

Who can join this course?

It is appropriate for the novice users. It is not necessary to be skilled in web developing. Follow this course, if you have some experience in using HTML and CSS, but still you can’t make them work as you would like. Perhaps, you’re a professional in this field and want to learn something more? It doesn’t matter how long to become web developer. Just join it! Register right away and you will get:

  • lifelong access right to author material which upgrades will be available for free. You don’t have to purchase the monthly subscription;
  • opportunity to download all the lectures and look them through again and again;
  • access to code and design models. It may become an initial point of your personal projects;
  • chance to communicate directly with the author of the program by means of his active community. You will be able to learn all you are interested in.

Sounds cool? Then just click the appropriate button and join this unique program! Just remember! If you aren’t be satisfied with the quality of this course, it’ll guaranteed to get you money back! So, you won’t have any risks!

What is necessary to start?

You won’t need anything extraordinary - just any computer with Windows, OSX or Linux. During the course only reliable free recourses are used for studying. You won’t have to pay any extra money!

If you still think about how long to become web developer, simply follow the course and you will soon become a real professional!

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