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Hi Folks!

The section of blog is called Home Business. Further you’ll see the reason of its name. Actually, there are now courses about real-life home business, just like rearing chicken or growing mushrooms for the next door supermarket.

On this page we gathered all Udemy courses that bring up knowledge about diving in top home business opportunities – whether running a drop shipping store or selling your own books on Amazon. Or even recording video-courses and sell your knowledge and experience on Udemy platform.

Why I consider electronic and digital are the top home business opportunities? Because ecommerce shops allows to got passive online income streams! If you produced an e-book or video-course – does it take any other resources to make another copy? Not at all, this is digital product and selling extra copies involves no efforts from your side. And don’t forget – there are 8 billion people on our planet. The market is enormous! I bet people born faster than we can create additional products!


Let’s touch each topic in details.

Drop shipping store – is an internet-shop that sells goods from whole seller to retail customers. So, in fact you don’t even need to keep a warehouse of spare products, calculate logistic and handle shipping from your home to end-user. And of course, you’ll find many courses about drop shipping business in this section.

What is selling on amazon? It is amazing business! It you have something to tell to the world – than you has to say it! Write, publish and start receiving revenues. A man doesn’t need to write a bullet-like bestseller to be successful. Even having few books published will allow you to get some extra money.

Recording the Udemy video-courses is the best way to convert your knowledge and skills into solid passive revenue. There are sufficient amount of courses reviewed here. Remember, that Udemy itself has much more courses, which not covered in this blog.

Instructors of those courses will help you to determine the right direction of your efforts and will explain small details and secrets to avoid beginner's mistakes. You will learn what drop shipping and eCommerse is, and how to make permanent passive online income streams on Amazon or eBay. It become transparent question - what is selling on Amazon.

So what are you waiting for – jump in and discover unique world of building passive income with your digital products.

Digitally yours

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